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Category: Control of two-component response regulators
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Category: Control of two-component response regulators


3. Information processing

3.4. Regulation of gene expression

3.4.2. Transcription factors and their control Control of two-component response regulators Two-component sensor kinase

bceSresistance against toxic peptides
cheAchemotactic signal modulator
citSregulation of citrate uptake
comPregulation of genetic competence and quorum sensing
cssScontrol of cellular responses to protein secretion stress
dctSregulation of the dctS-dctR-dctP operon
degSregulation of degradative enzyme and genetic competence
desKregulation of cold shock expression of [gene|644C0C354B72FC07222EE45F4D2E0E57434B5EB5|des]
glnKregulation of the glsA-glnT operon
kinAinitiation of sporulation
kinBinitiation of [SW|sporulation]
kinCinitiation of sporulation
kinDinitiation of sporulation
kinEinitiation of sporulation
liaScontrol of [protein|search|LiaR ]activity in response to bacitracin
lnrJinvolved in resistance to linearmycin
lytScontrol of pyruvate utilization
malKregulation of malate uptake
natKregulation of the natA-natB operon
phoRregulation of phosphate metabolism
psdSresistance against toxic peptides
resEregulation of aerobic and anaerobic respiration
walKcontrol of cell wall metabolism
ydfHcontrol of ydfJ expression
yvrGregulation cell surface maintenance
yxdKresistance against toxic peptides
yxjMunknown Response regulator aspartate phosphatase

rapAcontrol of sporulation initiation
rapBcontrol of sporulation initiation
rapCcontrol of [protein|search|ComA ]activity
rapDcontrol of [protein|7832489F11F606BCF637EC23BAAB41AD10237EBB|ComA]-dependent gene expression
rapEcontrol of sporulation initiation
rapFcontrol of ComA activity
rapGcontrol of DegU activity
rapHcontrol of sporulation initiation and ComA activity
rapJcontrol of the phosphorelay
rapKcontrol of [protein|search|ComA ]activity Control of response regulators/ other

cheVcontrol of CheA activity
degQregulation of exoenzyme synthesis
degRcontrol of DegU activity
liaFcontrol of [protein|49E70A20CC05DBE485953C0AE34E634EFB33C3B2|LiaR] activity
phrAcontrol of sporulation initiation
phrCcontrol of ComA activity
phrEcontrol of sporulation initiation
phrFcontrol of ComA activity
phrGcontrol of DegU activity
phrHcontrol of [SW|sporulation] initiation
phrKcontrol of ComA activity
swrAA/1control of DegU activity
swrAA/2essential for swarming differentiation on solid surfaces
yycHcontrol of cell wall metabolism
yycIcontrol of cell wall metabolism
yydFcontrol of [protein|49E70A20CC05DBE485953C0AE34E634EFB33C3B2|LiaR]-[protein|9A1871BD853254EEA8B4E78CA187F9315CBDF43D|LiaS] activity
yydGcontrol of [protein|49E70A20CC05DBE485953C0AE34E634EFB33C3B2|LiaR]-[protein|9A1871BD853254EEA8B4E78CA187F9315CBDF43D|LiaS] activity
yydHcontrol of [protein|49E70A20CC05DBE485953C0AE34E634EFB33C3B2|LiaR]-[protein|9A1871BD853254EEA8B4E78CA187F9315CBDF43D|LiaS] activity
yydIcontrol of [protein|49E70A20CC05DBE485953C0AE34E634EFB33C3B2|LiaR]-[protein|9A1871BD853254EEA8B4E78CA187F9315CBDF43D|LiaS] activity
yydJcontrol of [protein|49E70A20CC05DBE485953C0AE34E634EFB33C3B2|LiaR]-[protein|9A1871BD853254EEA8B4E78CA187F9315CBDF43D|LiaS] activity