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Category: Control of sigma factors
An ordered knock out library of all non-essential genes in B. subtilis is now available at Addgene. Information on ordering a copy can be found here. See Koo et al. 2017 for details about library construction.

Category: Control of sigma factors


3. Information processing

3.4. Regulation of gene expression

3.4.1. Sigma factors and their control Control of sigma factors

bofAcontrol of SigK activation
bofCcontrol of processing of pro-SigK by SpoIVFB
bsrAantagonist of SigA
bsrBantagonist of SigA
csfBcontrol of SigG and SigE activity
ctpBcontrol of SigK activation
ecsAregulation of the secretion apparatus and of intra-membrane proteolysis
ecsBregulation of the secretion apparatus and of intra-membrane proteolysis
fincontrol of [SW|sporulation]
flgMcontrol of [protein|search|SigD ]activity
prsWcontrol of SigW activity
rasPcontrol of [SW|cell division], and [protein|search|SigV ]and [protein|search|SigW ]activity
rsbPcontrol of SigB activity
rsbQcontrol of SigB activity
rsbRcontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
rsbRBcontrol of SigB activity
rsbRCcontrol of SigB activity
rsbRDcontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
rsbScontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
rsbTcontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
rsbUcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
rsbVcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
rsbWcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
rsbXcontrol of SigB activity
rsfAcontrol of expression of SigF-dependent genes
rsgIcontrol of SigI activity
rsiOcontrol of Sig(SigO-RsoA) activity
rsiVcontrol of [protein|D04629D798E458AD538809BB2B150B7FA81D2C7E|SigV] activity
rsiWcontrol of [protein|3D974DD2967C7F8FD4E3C2AF42617B8AE9F0296D|SigW] activity
rsiXcontrol of SigX activity
spoIIAAcontrol of SigF activity
spoIIABcontrol of SigF activity septation; phosphorylation and inactivation of SpoIIAA
spoIIEcontrol of [protein|search|SigF ]activity, required for normal formation of the asymmetric septum
spoIIGAmaturation of SigE
spoIIIAAactivation of SigG
spoIIRcontrol of [protein|search|SigE ]activation
spoIVBcontrol of SigK activation
spoIVCAexcision of the skin element, creation of the sigK gene
spoIVFAcontrol of SigK activation
spoIVFBprocessing of pro-sigma-K to active [protein|24F7FD5C7C3A68BB2760ABB8CBD8FBD65E5FF7D4|SigKN]
swrBcontrol of SigD activity
yetIpossible stressosome protein
yezBpossible stressosome protein
yhdKcontrol of SigM activity
yhdLcontrol of [protein|081DF3EE9FA56209D648C7677188C61CE3AA8E41|SigM] activity
ylaDcontrol of sigma factor YlaC
ysdBsurvival of heat stress
ytvAcontrol of SigB activity
yxlCcontrol of SigY activity
yxlDnegative regulation of [protein|801E92306971E26AD4AB155172B7F4EFDE2F9170|SigY]-directed transcription of the [gene|801E92306971E26AD4AB155172B7F4EFDE2F9170|sigY] operon