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Category: Sigma factors
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Category: Sigma factors


3. Information processing

3.4. Regulation of gene expression

3.4.1. Sigma factors and their control Sigma factors

rsoA[SW|RNA polymerase] [SW|sigma factor]
sigBgeneral stress response, biocontrol of fungal growth
sigDregulation of flagella, motility, chemotaxis and autolysis
sigEtranscription of [SW|sporulation ]genes (early mother cell)
sigFtranscription of [SW|sporulation] genes (early forespore)
sigGtranscription of [SW|sporulation] genes (late forespore)
sigHtranscription of early stationary phase genes ([SW|sporulation], competence)
sigIcontrol of a class of heat shock genes
sigKlate mother cell-specific gene expression
sigKClate mother cell-specific gene expression
sigLutilization of arginin, acetoin and fructose, required for cold adaptation
sigMadaptation to inhibitors of peptidoglycan synthesis
sigO[SW|RNA polymerase] [SW|sigma factor]
sigVresistance to lytic enzymes
sigWadaptation to membrane-active compounds
sigXresistance to cationic antimcrobial peptides
sigYmaintenance of the SP prophage
sigZ[category|SW 3.2.1|Transcription]
xpftranscription of PBSX prophage genes
ylaC[category|SW 3.2.1|Transcription]

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