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Category: Sigma factors and their control
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Category: Sigma factors and their control


3. Information processing

3.4. Regulation of gene expression

3.4.1. Sigma factors and their control Sigma factors

rsoARNA polymerase sigma factor
sigBgeneral stress response
sigDregulation of flagella, motility, chemotaxis and autolysis
sigEtranscription of [SW|sporulation ]genes (early mother cell)
sigFtranscription of [SW|sporulation] genes (early forespore)
sigGtranscription of [SW|sporulation] genes (late forespore)
sigHtranscription of early stationary phase genes ([SW|sporulation], competence)
sigIcontrol of a class of heat shock genes
sigKClate mother cell-specific gene expression
sigKNlate mother cell-specific gene expression
sigLutilization of arginin, acetoin and fructose, required for cold adaptation
sigMadaptation to inhibitors of peptidoglycan synthesis
sigORNA polymerase sigma factor
sigVresistance to lytic enzymes
sigWadaptation to membrane-active compounds
sigXresistance to cationic antimcrobial peptides
sigYmaintenance of the SPß prophage
sigZ[category|SW 3.2.1|Transcription]
xpftranscription of PBSX prophage genes
ylaC[category|SW 3.2.1|Transcription]

Key publications

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  • Control of sigma factors

    bofAcontrol of SigK activation
    bofCcontrol of processing of pro-SigK by SpoIVFB
    bsrAantagonist of SigA
    bsrBantagonist of SigA
    csfBcontrol of [protein|search|SigG ]and [protein|search|SigE ]activity
    ctpBcontrol of [protein|search|SigK] activation
    ecsAregulation of the secretion apparatus and of intra-membrane proteolysis
    ecsBregulation of the secretion apparatus and of intra-membrane proteolysis
    fincontrol of [SW|sporulation]
    flgMcontrol of [protein|search|SigD ]activity
    prsWcontrol of [SW|SigW] activity
    rasPcontrol of [SW|cell division], and [protein|search|SigV ]and [protein|search|SigW ]activity
    rsbPcontrol of SigB activity
    rsbQcontrol of SigB activity
    rsbRcontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
    rsbRBcontrol of SigB activity
    rsbRCcontrol of SigB activity
    rsbRDcontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
    rsbScontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
    rsbTcontrol of [protein|580011DE5DC40EC9E7E0512791D328FAA010DCB8|SigB] activity
    rsbUcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
    rsbVcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
    rsbWcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
    rsbXcontrol of SigB activity
    rsfAcontrol of expression of SigF-dependent genes
    rsgIcontrol of SigI activity
    rsiOcontrol of Sig(SigO-RsoA) activity
    rsiVcontrol of [protein|D04629D798E458AD538809BB2B150B7FA81D2C7E|SigV] activity
    rsiWcontrol of [protein|3D974DD2967C7F8FD4E3C2AF42617B8AE9F0296D|SigW] activity
    rsiXcontrol of SigX activity
    spoIIAAcontrol of SigF activity
    spoIIABcontrol of [protein|CFF318EE6CACDEE763FBF96A2ABB46E944679AAA|SigF] activity; phosphorylation and inactivation of [protein|3936E91C062074BFE4284B54A8CC33F35F94F5EE|SpoIIAA]
    spoIIEcontrol of [protein|search|SigF ]activity, required for normal formation of the asymmetric septum
    spoIIGAmaturation of [protein|3CB24D493B3282278B7DC61CE3C793DFA815F9E2|SigE]
    spoIIIAAactivation of [protein|5F24258282F3166B7696B9E9ABC1706E4D06C944|SigG]
    spoIIRcontrol of [protein|search|SigE ]activation
    spoIVBcontrol of SigK activation
    spoIVCAexcision of the skin element, creation of the sigK gene
    spoIVFAcontrol of SigK activation
    spoIVFBprocessing of pro-sigma-K to active [protein|24F7FD5C7C3A68BB2760ABB8CBD8FBD65E5FF7D4|SigKN]
    swrBcontrol of SigD activity
    yetIpossible stressosome protein
    yezBpossible stressosome protein
    yhdKcontrol of [protein|081DF3EE9FA56209D648C7677188C61CE3AA8E41|SigM] activity
    yhdLcontrol of [protein|081DF3EE9FA56209D648C7677188C61CE3AA8E41|SigM] activity
    ylaDcontrol of sigma factor [protein|544344B61A804F367BB726976E0C87B61998490A|YlaC]
    ysdBsurvival of heat stress
    ytvAcontrol of SigB activity
    yxlCcontrol of SigY activity
    yxlDnegative regulation of [protein|801E92306971E26AD4AB155172B7F4EFDE2F9170|SigY]-directed transcription of the [gene|801E92306971E26AD4AB155172B7F4EFDE2F9170|sigY] operon

    Key publications

  • 29343670
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