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Category: Additional proteins involved in proteolysis
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Category: Additional proteins involved in proteolysis


3. Information processing

3.3. Protein synthesis, modification and degradation

3.3.7. Proteolysis Additional proteins involved in proteolysis

clpCprotein degradation, positive regulator of autolysin (LytC and LytD) synthesis
clpEprotein degradation
clpPprotein degradation
clpQprotein degradation
clpXprotein degradation
clpYprotein degradation
ctpBcontrol of [protein|search|SigK] activation
ctsRregulation of protein degradation
ftsHcell division, sporulation initiation
htpXquality control of membrane proteins
immAcontrol of [protein|DD1C8F3A4809785BD6A6047D39B42AB2C605E161|ImmR] activity
ipicontrol of intracellular proteolysis
ispAprotein degradation
lonAprotein quality control, control of swarming motility
lonBprotein quality control
mecAcontrol of [protein|search|ComK ]degradation, regulation of competence
mlpAcontrol of proteolyticc activity
prpmaturation of [protein|4626C659D6F1A81CCC94030F1CBAF7FEC3DE19CA|ribosomal protein L27]
prsWcontrol of [SW|SigW] activity
rasPcontrol of [SW|cell division], and [protein|search|SigV ]and [protein|search|SigW ]activity
yabGmodification of spore coat proteins
yirBcontrol of proteolysis
yjbHstimulation of Spx degradation
yqgPcell division or sugar metabolism
yraAdetoxification of methylglyoxal
yydHcontrol of [protein|49E70A20CC05DBE485953C0AE34E634EFB33C3B2|LiaR]-[protein|9A1871BD853254EEA8B4E78CA187F9315CBDF43D|LiaS] activity