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Category: Extracellular feeding proteases
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Category: Extracellular feeding proteases


3. Information processing

3.3. Protein synthesis, modification and degradation

3.3.7. Proteolysis Extracellular feeding proteases

aprEprotein degradation
bprprotein degradation
eprprotein degradation
mprprotein degradation
nprBprotection of B. subtilis biofilms against competitors
nprEdegradation of proteins
vprprotein degradation

additional information

  • A mutant strain with deletions of all feeding proteases and the three major protein quality control proteases ([gene|76FA52D5A5F9FCA14BA9B45872FE3D99D89B211B|htrA], [gene|796216BE9CD6DADFEADC29497253C81BF496A2ED|htrB], [gene|DC0FDCA3FA6742B023E6877CE9554AA1D47012BB|wprA]) (BRB14) is available in [SW|Colin Harwood]'s lab [PubMed|24115457]