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Category: Protein secretion
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Category: Protein secretion


3. Information processing

3.3. Protein synthesis, modification and degradation

3.3.5. Protein secretion

comCgenetic competence
csaAprotein secretion
ecsAregulation of the secretion apparatus and of intra-membrane proteolysis
ecsBregulation of the secretion apparatus and of intra-membrane proteolysis
ffhpresecretory protein translocation
flhAexport of flagellum components
flhBexport of flagellum components
fliPexport of flagellum components
fliQexport of flagellum components
fliRexport of flagellum components
fliZexport of flagellum components
ftsYprotein secretion
lspAprotein secretion
prsAprotein folding
rncprocessing and degradation of RNA molecules
scrpresecretory protein translocation
secAprotein secretion
secDFprotein secretion
secEprotein secretion
secGprotein secretion
secYprotein secretion
sipSprotein secretion
sipTprotein secretion
sipUprotein secretion
sipVprotein secretion
sipW[SW|biofilm formation]
spoIIIABactivation of [protein|5F24258282F3166B7696B9E9ABC1706E4D06C944|SigG]
spoIIIACactivation of SigG
spoIIIADactivation of [protein|5F24258282F3166B7696B9E9ABC1706E4D06C944|SigG]
spoIIIAEactivation of SigG
spoIIIAFactivation of SigG
spoIIIAGactivation of [protein|5F24258282F3166B7696B9E9ABC1706E4D06C944|SigG]
spoIIIAHactivation of SigG, forespore encasement by the spore coat
spoIIIJmembrane insertion of proteins and [SW|protein secretion]
sppAprotein secretion
tatACTAT protein secretion
tatADTAT protein secretion
tatAYTAT protein secretion
tatCDTAT protein secretion
tatCYTAT protein secretion
yhcSanchoring of proteins to the cell wall
yidC2membrane insertion of proteins and protein secretion
ylxMpresecretory protein translocation
yueBexport of YukE
yueCexport of YukE
yukBexport of YukE
yukCexport of YukE
yukDexport of YukE

important reviews

  • The structure of a Tat-dependent signal peptide ([gene|597771E2E8EC31ED9B2CC8C0E4D888DEEA80F689|phoD]) can be found here: [PubMed|22960285]
  • 17005968,15187182,18182292,21920479,18078384,15502345,14618254,22471582,22411983,22683878,22688815,19155186,11973144,24140208,25975269,25494301