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Category: Protein phosphatases
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Category: Protein phosphatases


3. Information processing

3.3. Protein synthesis, modification and degradation

3.3.4. Protein modification Protein phosphatases

cheCmotility and chemotaxis
prpCantagonist of PrkC-dependent phosphorylation
ptpZprotein tyrosine dephosphorylation
rapAcontrol of sporulation initiation
rapBcontrol of sporulation initiation
rapCcontrol of [protein|search|ComA ]activity
rapDcontrol of [protein|7832489F11F606BCF637EC23BAAB41AD10237EBB|ComA]-dependent gene expression
rapEcontrol of sporulation initiation
rapFcontrol of ComA activity
rapGcontrol of DegU activity
rapHcontrol of sporulation initiation and ComA activity
rapIcontrol of transfer of the mobile genetic element ICEBs1
rapJcontrol of the [SW|phosphorelay]
rapKcontrol of [protein|search|ComA ]activity
rsbPcontrol of SigB activity
rsbUcontrol of [protein|search|SigB ]activity
rsbXcontrol of SigB activity
spo0Einitiation of sporulation
spoIIEcontrol of [protein|search|SigF ]activity, required for normal formation of the asymmetric septum
yfkJsurvival of stress conditions
yisIcontrol of [SW|sporulation] initiation
ywlEdephosphorylation of McsB