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Category: RNases
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Category: RNases


3. Information processing

3.2. RNA synthesis and degradation

3.2.4. RNases Exoribonucleases

nrnAdegradation of RNA oligonucleotides
nrnBdegradation of RNA oligonucleotides
pnpADNA repair, competence development, RNA degradation
rnjARNA processing
rnrnonspecific degradation of rRNA
rph3-5 exoribonuclease
yhaMRNA degradation Endoribonucleases

mrnCmaturation of 23S rRNA
rncprocessing and degradation of RNA molecules
rnhBendonucleolytic cleavage of RNA in RNA-DNA hybrid molecules
rnhCendonucleolytic cleavage of RNA in RNA-DNA hybrid molecules, processing of R-loops, maturation of Okazaki fragments
rnjBRNA processing and degradation
rnmV5S ribosomal RNA maturation
rnpAcleavage of precursor sequences from the 5 ends of pre-tRNAs
rnyRNA processing and degradation
rnzprocessing of CCA-less tRNA precursors
yacPribosome-dependent mRNA decay
yhcRutilization of nucleic acids
yqfG16S rRNA maturation
yurIextracellular RNA degradation RNA pyrophosphohydrolase

nahAinitiation of RNA degradation
rppHDNA repair, RNA degradation RNases/ Other

rimMmaturation of 16S rRNA
rnpBcleavage of precursor sequences from the 5 ends of pre-tRNAs Effectors of RNA degradation

SR7Pcontrol of [gene|789D08564463542B8D96FC12F408549A669703CE|rpsD] expression, control of [protein|872CCB5A49C9000BD95E4B0472556D5F60F7D7A4|RNase Y] activity
enoenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
yaaTcontrol of [protein|872CCB5A49C9000BD95E4B0472556D5F60F7D7A4|RNase Y] activity, see [SW|Targets of the Y complex]
ylbFcontrol of [protein|872CCB5A49C9000BD95E4B0472556D5F60F7D7A4|RNase Y] activity, see [SW|Targets of the Y complex]
ymcAcontrol of [protein|872CCB5A49C9000BD95E4B0472556D5F60F7D7A4|RNase Y] activity, see [SW|Targets of the Y complex]

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