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Category: Genetic competence
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Category: Genetic competence


3. Information processing

3.1. Genetics

3.1.7. Genetic competence

addADNA repair/ recombination
addBDNA repair/ recombination
bdbCoxidative folding of proteins
bdbDoxidative folding of proteins
coiAgenetic competence
comAregulation of genetic competence and quorum sensing
comCgenetic competence
comEAgenetic competence
comEBrecruitment of [protein|41DFEF8A6BC7E34A6681C26D92F2B08DC120A957|ComGA] to the cell pole
comECgenetic competence
comERcontrol of biofilm formation and sporulation via the phosphorelay
comFAgenetic competence
comGAgenetic competence
comGBgenetic competence, DNA uptake
comGCgenetic competence
comGDgenetic competence, DNA uptake
comGEgenetic competence, DNA uptake
comGFgenetic competence, DNA uptake
comGGgenetic competence, DNA uptake
comKregulation of [SW|genetic competence] and DNA uptake
comNregulation of competence and DNA uptake
comPregulation of genetic competence and quorum sensing
comQregulation of quorum sensing
comScontrol of ComK degradation
comX[category|SW 3.4.8|Quorum sensing]
dprA[category|SW 3.1.5|DNA repair/ recombination]
hag[SW|motility and chemotaxis]
krecontrol of [protein|search|ComK ]accumulation and of bistable competence gene expression
mecAcontrol of [protein|search|ComK ]degradation, regulation of competence
medregulation of competence
motB[category|SW 4.1.1|Motility and chemotaxis]
ningenetic transformation, DNA uptake
nucAgenetic transformation, DNA uptake
oppAinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppBinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppCinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppDinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppFinitiation of sporulation, competence development
phrCcontrol of ComA activity
phrFcontrol of ComA activity
phrKcontrol of [protein|7832489F11F606BCF637EC23BAAB41AD10237EBB|ComA] activity
pnpADNA repair, competence development, RNA degradation
radCDNA repair
rapCcontrol of [protein|search|ComA ]activity
rapDcontrol of [protein|7832489F11F606BCF637EC23BAAB41AD10237EBB|ComA]-dependent gene expression
rapFcontrol of [protein|7832489F11F606BCF637EC23BAAB41AD10237EBB|ComA] activity
rapKcontrol of [protein|search|ComA ]activity
recADNA repair/ recombination
rokregulation of genetic competence
sbcCDNA inter-strand cross-link repair
ssbBrequired for efficient genetic transformation
yidC2membrane insertion of proteins and protein secretion
yvcJrequired for the expression of late competence genes

additional information

  • The wild type strain NCIB3610 is only poorly competent because the small protein ComI encoded on the endogenous plasmid pBS32 inhibits the competence DNA uptake machinery. [pubmed|23836866]
  • important original publications

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  • important reviews

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