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Category: Other proteins
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Category: Other proteins


3. Information processing

3.1. Genetics

3.1.5. DNA repair/ recombination Other proteins

adaAadaptive response to alkylative DNA damage
adaBadaptive response to alkylative DNA damage
addADNA repair/ recombination
addBDNA repair/ recombination
alkAadaptive response to alkylative DNA damage
bstGresponse to DNA damage
dinGresponse to DNA damage
dprA[category|SW 3.1.5|DNA repair/ recombination]
exoRremoval of RNA from Okazaki fragments
fincontrol of [SW|sporulation]
greAtranscription elongation
helD[SW|transcription], [SW|DNA repair/ recombination]
hlpBrescuing of [protein|49E8BFEC1CAB77DD91E0ED0791EBD480E4871239|AddA]-[protein|55A1EF8A10CB398CCD3FDD06D9483FE0DCE31C64|AddB]-mediated recombination intermediates
lexAregulation of DNA damage repair
lrpCDNA repair/ recombination
mfdpromotes strand-specific DNA repair by displacing
mrfAmitomycin C-specific DNA damage repair
mrfBmitomycin C-specific DNA damage repair
mutSBDNA repair
mutTDNA repair, protection against oxidative stress
ogtDNA repair
pcrAcoupling of DNA replication, transcription, recombination and segregation
pnpADNA repair, competence development, RNA degradation
polADNA replication
polXDNA repair
polY1generation of mutations in stationary phase
polY2UV-targeted mutagenesis
radAhomologous recombination, control of c-di-AMP formation, co-ordination of responses to replicative stress and genetic recombination
radCDNA repair
rarAcontrol of the access of the replication machinery to a collapsed replication fork
recADNA repair/ recombination
recF[category|SW 3.1.5|DNA repair/ recombination]
recGDNA repair and chromosomal segregation
recJreplication fork maintenance
recNDNA repair and genetic recombination
recODNA repair/ recombination
recQreplication fork maintenance
recR[category|SW 3.1.5|DNA repair/ recombination]
recSreplication reactivation pathway
recX[SW|DNA repair/ recombination]
sbcCDNA inter-strand cross-link repair
sbcEDNA double-strand break repair and competence
splAregulation of the splA-splB operon
splBprotection of spore DNA against photodamage
ssbA[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication], [category|SW 3.1.5|DNA repair/ recombination]
ssbBrequired for efficient genetic transformation
ungDNA repair
uvrADNA repair after UV damage
uvrBDNA repair after UV damage
uvrCDNA repair after UV damage
uvrXDNA repair after UV damage
ywjDprotection of developing and dormant spores against UV DNA damage
ywqLDNA repair