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Category: DNA condensation/ segregation
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Category: DNA condensation/ segregation


3. Information processing

3.1. Genetics

3.1.3. DNA condensation/ segregation

codVchromosome partitioning
gyrADNA supercoiling, control of [category|SW 3.1.1|replication] initiation
gyrBDNA supercoiling, control of [category|SW 3.1.1|replication] initiation
hbsDNA packaging, regulation of nucleoid compaction
parAforespore chromosome partitioning / negative regulation of [category|SW 4.2|Sporulation] initiation
parBchromosome positioning before asymmetric septation
parCchromosome segregation and compaction
parEchromosome segregation and compaction
ripXchromosome partitioning
scpAsegregation of replication origins
scpBsegregation of replication origins
sftAresolution of chromosome dimers
smcsegregation of replication origins
spoIIIEchromosome partition during [SW|sporulation]
topArelaxation of negatively supercoiled DNA behind RNA polymerase
topBcontrol of DNA recombination, maintenance of genomic stability
whiAcontrol of Z ring asembly and chromosome segregation

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