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Category: DNA replication
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Category: DNA replication


3. Information processing

3.1. Genetics

3.1.1. DNA replication

dnaA[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
dnaB[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
dnaC[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
dnaD[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
dnaE[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication](lagging strand)
dnaG[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
dnaI[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
dnaN[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication], DNA repair
dnaX[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
exoRremoval of RNA from Okazaki fragments
holA[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
holB[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
ligBphage SP-beta replication
polADNA replication
polC[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]
priA[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication]initiation
recD2replication fork progression
recJreplication fork maintenance
recQreplication fork maintenance
rnhBendonucleolytic cleavage of RNA in RNA-DNA hybrid molecules
rnhCendonucleolytic cleavage of RNA in RNA-DNA hybrid molecules, processing of R-loops, maturation of Okazaki fragments
rtpreplication termination
sirAcontrol of chromosome copy number
ssbA[category|SW 3.1.1|DNA replication], [category|SW 3.1.5|DNA repair/ recombination]
ssbBrequired for efficient genetic transformation
topBcontrol of DNA recombination, maintenance of genomic stability
xtmAphage DNA replication
xtmBphage DNA replication
yabApositioning of [protein|6740108089F13116F200C15F35C2E7561E990FEB|DnaA]

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