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Category: Phosphate metabolism
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Category: Phosphate metabolism


2. Metabolism

2.6. Additional metabolic pathways

2.6.3. Phosphate metabolism

glpQglycerol-3-phosphate utilization, degradation of wall teichoic acid during phosphate starvation
phoAaquisition of phosphate upon phosphate starvation
phoBaquisition of phosphate upon phosphate starvation, ether lipid synthesis
phoDaquisition of phosphate upon phosphoate starvation, degradation of wall teichoic acid during phosphate starvation
phoPregulation of phosphate metabolism ([gene|E0430C16C41440633647976A0F9183E24268E198|phoA], [gene|3B95AB3021280215B6B487A348D78FB5797AEEA6|phoB], [gene|597771E2E8EC31ED9B2CC8C0E4D888DEEA80F689|phoD], [gene|F7D869F77E2275110737EF658C58FA1BF742D73F|resABCDE], [gene|72A89412C53703F96F835D26307263F5D1A4AB4E|tagA]-[gene|911A4D957A6C0DFC636A152395119DBFC777DDA2|tagB], [gene|8620DA76A1953D7ACDFA7E46ED81EF1A0D97999C|tagDEF], [[gene|tuaA|tuaA-H]])
phoRregulation of phosphate metabolism
phyutilization of inositol hexakisphosphate (phytate)
pitphosphate uptake
ppaCrecovery of phosphate ions from pyrophosphate
pstAhigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstBAhigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstBBhigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstChigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstShigh-affinity phosphate uptake
tatADTAT [SW|protein secretion]
tatCDTAT [SW|protein secretion]
yqeWphosphate uptake
yurIextracellular RNA degradation