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Category: Biosynthesis of heme/ siroheme
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Category: Biosynthesis of heme/ siroheme


2. Metabolism

2.6. Additional metabolic pathways

2.6.2. Biosynthesis of cofactors Biosynthesis of heme/ siroheme

ctaAheme biosynthesis
ctaBheme biosynthesis
ctaOheme biosynthesis
gsaBbiosynthesis of heme, modification of [protein|3054CD45713BBD69C2A528DE24AF6AF37175FD9D|Efp]
hemAporphyrin biosynthesis
hemBheme biosynthesis
hemCheme biosynthesis
hemDheme biosynthesis
hemEheme biosynthesis
hemHbiosynthesis of heme
hemLheme biosynthesis
hemNheme biosynthesis
hemQbiosynthesis of heme
hemXheme biosynthesis
hemYbiosynthesis of heme
hemZheme biosynthesis
ylnDsiroheme biosynthesis , sulfite reduction
ylnEsiroheme biosynthesis, sulfite reduction
ylnFsiroheme biosynthesis , sulfite reduction


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