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Category: Biosynthesis of cofactors
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Category: Biosynthesis of cofactors


2. Metabolism

2.6. Additional metabolic pathways

2.6.2. Biosynthesis of cofactors Biosynthesis/ acquisition of biotin

bioAbiosynthesis of biotin
bioBbiosynthesis of biotin
bioDbiosynthesis of biotin
bioFbiosynthesis of biotin
bioIbiosynthesis of biotin
bioWbiosynthesis of biotin
birAregulation of biotin synthesis, addition of biotin to proteins
yhfUuptake of biotin Biosynthesis/ acquisition of riboflavin/ FAD

ribAriboflavin biosynthesis
ribCFAD biosynthesis
ribDriboflavin biosynthesis
ribEriboflavin biosynthesis
ribHriboflavin biosynthesis
ribUriboflavin uptake
ycsEdephosphorylation of the riboflavin precursor, 5-amino-6-ribitylamino-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione 5'-phosphate
yitUdephosphorylation of the riboflavin precursor, 5-amino-6-ribitylamino-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione 5'-phosphate (minor activity)
ywtEdephosphorylation of the riboflavin precursor, 5-amino-6-ribitylamino-2,4(1H,3H)-pyrimidinedione 5'-phosphate (minor activity) Biosynthesis/ acquisition of thiamine

dxsbiosynthesis of thiamine, MEP pathway of isoprenoid biosynthesis
tenAthiamine salvage
tenIbiosynthesis of thiamine
thiCbiosynthesis of thiamine
thiDbiosynthesis of thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP)
thiEbiosynthesis of thiamine by 4-methyl-5-(beta-hydroxyethyl)thiazole phosphate to yield thiamine phosphate
thiFbiosynthesis of thiamine
thiGbiosynthesis of thiamine
thiLbiosynthesis of thiamine
thiMbiosynthesis of thiamine
thiObiosynthesis of thiamine
thiSbiosynthesis of thiamine
thiTthiamine uptake
thiUthiamine uptake
thiVthiamine uptake
thiWthiamine uptake
thiXthiamine uptake
ylmBthiamine salvage
yloSthiamine salvage Biosynthesis of coenzyme A

coaAbiosynthesis of coenzyme A
coaXbiosynthesis of coenzyme A
panBbiosynthesis of coenzyme A
panCbiosynthesis of coenzyme A
panDbiosynthesis of coenzyme A
ylbQbiosynthesis of coenzyme A
yloIbiosynthesis of coenzyme A
ytaGsynthesis of coenzyme A Biosynthesis of folate

dfrAbiosynthesis of folate
folBbiosynthesis of folate
folCbiosynthesis of folate
folEbiosynthesis of folate and queuosine
folEBbiosynthesis of folate and queuosine
folKbiosynthesis of folate
pabAbiosynthesis of folate and tryptophan
pabBbiosynthesis of folate
pabCbiosynthesis of folate
sulbiosynthesis of folate Biosynthesis of heme/ siroheme

ctaAheme biosynthesis
ctaBheme biosynthesis
ctaOheme biosynthesis
gsaBbiosynthesis of heme, modification of [protein|3054CD45713BBD69C2A528DE24AF6AF37175FD9D|Efp]
hemAporphyrin biosynthesis
hemBheme biosynthesis
hemCheme biosynthesis
hemDheme biosynthesis
hemEheme biosynthesis
hemHbiosynthesis of heme
hemLheme biosynthesis
hemNheme biosynthesis
hemQbiosynthesis of heme
hemXheme biosynthesis
hemYbiosynthesis of heme
hemZheme biosynthesis
sirBsiroheme biosynthesis, sulfite reduction
ylnDsiroheme biosynthesis , sulfite reduction
ylnFsiroheme biosynthesis , sulfite reduction


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  • Biosynthesis and scavenging of lipoic acid

    gcvHglycine utilization
    lipAsynthesis of lipoic acid
    lipLlipoic acid metabolism
    lipMbiosynthesis of lipoic acid
    lplJscavenging of lipoic acid Biosynthesis of menaquinone

    hepSmenaquinone biosynthesis
    hepTmenaquinone biosynthesis
    menAbiosynthesis of menaquinone
    menBbiosynthesis of menaquinone
    menCbiosynthesis of menaquinone
    menDbiosynthesis of menaquinone
    menEbiosynthesis of menaquinone
    menFbiosynthesis of menaquinone
    menHbiosynthesis of menaquinone Biosynthesis of menaquinone/ based on similarity

    ytxMubiquinone and menaquinone biosynthesis Biosynthesis of molybdopterin

    moaAnitrate respiration
    moaBnitrate respiration
    moaDnitrate respiration
    moaEnitrate respiration
    mobAnitrate respiration
    mobBnitrate respiration
    moeAnitrate respiration
    moeBnitrate respiration
    ydiGunknown Biosynthesis of NAD(P)

    nadANAD biosynthesis
    nadBNAD biosynthesis
    nadCNAD biosynthesis
    nadDNAD biosynthesis
    nadENAD biosynthesis
    nadFgeneration of NADP from NAD
    nadRregulation of NAD biosynthesis
    niaPuptake of niacin
    nifSNAD biosynthesis
    pncANAD salvage
    pncBNAD salvage
    ytdIgeneration of NADP from NAD Biosynthesis of pyridoxal phosphate

    pdxKbiosynthesis of pyridoxal phosphate
    pdxSpyridoxal-5-phosphate biosynthesis
    pdxTpyridoxal-5-phosphate biosynthesis Biosynthesis/ acquisition of cobalamine (B12))

    yvrAuptake of cobalamin
    yvrBuptake of cobalamin
    yvrCuptake of cobalamin

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