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Category: Metabolism of signalling nucleotides
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Category: Metabolism of signalling nucleotides


2. Metabolism

2.5. Nucleotide metabolism

2.5.3. Metabolism of signalling nucleotides

cdaAsynthesis of c-di-AMP
cdaRregulation of c-di-AMP synthesis
cdaSsynthesis of c-di-AMP
dgcKsynthesis of c-di-GMP
dgcPsynthesis of c-di-GMP
dgcWsynthesis of c-di-GMP
disAcontrol of [SW|sporulation] initiation
gdpPcontrol of sporulation initiation, cell wall homeostasis
pdeHdegradation of c-di-GMP
pgpHcontrol of c-di-AMP homeostasis
radAhomologous recombination, control of c-di-AMP formation, co-ordination of responses to replicative stress and genetic recombination
relAsynthesis and degradation of (p)ppGpp, triggering the stringent response
sasAppGpp synthesis independent from stringent response
sasBppGpp synthesis independent from stringent response
ycnBsecretion of cyclic di-AMP
yfkNdegradation of c-di-AMP
yhcAsecretion of cyclic di-AMP

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