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Category: Biosynthesis/ acquisition of purine nucleotides
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Category: Biosynthesis/ acquisition of purine nucleotides


2. Metabolism

2.5. Nucleotide metabolism

2.5.2. Biosynthesis/ acquisition of nucleotides Biosynthesis/ acquisition of purine nucleotides

adkADP formation
gmkGTP biosynthesis
guaAbiosynthesis of GMP
guaBbiosynthesis of GMP
nupGpurine uptake
nupNuptake of guanosine
nupOuptake of guanosine
nupPuptake of guanosine
nupQuptake of guanosine
pbuGhypoxanthine and guanine uptake
pbuXxanthine uptake
prsphosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthesis (biosynthesis of histidine)
purApurine biosynthesis
purBpurine biosynthesis
purCpurine biosynthesis
purDpurine biosynthesis
purEpurine biosynthesis
purFpurine biosynthesis
purHpurine biosynthesis
purKpurine biosynthesis
purLpurine biosynthesis
purMpurine biosynthesis
purNpurine biosynthesis
purQpurine biosynthesis
purRregulation of purine biosynthesis
purSpurine biosynthesis
purTpurine biosynthesis
ykkEpurine nucleotide synthesis