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Category: Utilization of nitrogen sources other than amino acids
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Category: Utilization of nitrogen sources other than amino acids


2. Metabolism

2.3. Amino acid/ nitrogen metabolism

2.3.3. Utilization of nitrogen sources other than amino acids Utilization of nitrate/ nitrite

nasAnitrate uptake
nasButilization of nitrate
nasCutilization of nitrate
nasDutilization of nitrite as nitrogen source
nasEutilization of nitrite as nitrogen source
nasFnitrate respiration Utilization of urea

ureAutilization of urea as alternative nitrogen source
ureButilization of urea as alternative nitrogen source
ureCutilization of urea as alternative nitrogen source Utilization of amino sugars

frlBmetabolism of aminoacylated fructose
frlDmetabolism of sugar amines
frlMuptake of sugar amines
frlNuptake of sugar amines
frlOuptake of sugar amines
frlRregulation of utilization of sugar amines
gamAglucosamine utilization
gamPglucosamine uptake and phosphorylation
gamRregulation of glucosamine utilization
murPN-acetyl muramic acid uptake and phosphorylation
murQcell wall turnover
murRregulation of muramic acid utilization
nagAN-acetylglucosamine utilization
nagBN-acetylglucosamine utilization
nagPN-acetylglucosamine uptake and phosphorylation
nagRregulator of the [gene|8F4D075C9B9EF995E361F9BA5E8B52F42059C422|nagA]-[gene|0C8D7EAC2656E989E45B5B7E42FAA6D258956B56|nagB]-[gene|6D36D6360FE1CBFF5F64B2A6D1406405D6C6F7D5|nagR] operon
yurJuptake of sugar amines Utilization of peptides

appBuptake of oligopeptides
appCuptake of oligopeptides
appDuptake of oligopeptides
appFuptake of oligopeptides
dppAdegradation of cell wall peptides
dppBuptake of dipeptides
dppCuptake of dipeptides
dppDuptake of dipeptides
dppEuptake of dipeptides
dtpTuptake of di- and tripeptides
oppAinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppBinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppCinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppDinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppFinitiation of sporulation, competence development
papAdegradation of proline-containing peptides
papBdegradation of proline-containing peptides
pepTpeptide degradation
ykfDunknown Utilization of proteins

aprEprotein degradation
aprXprotein degradation
bprprotein degradation
eprprotein degradation
ispAprotein degradation
mprprotein degradation
nprBprotection of B. subtilis biofilms against competitors
nprEdegradation of proteins
vprprotein degradation

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