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Category: Utilization of glutamine/ glutamate
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Category: Utilization of glutamine/ glutamate


2. Metabolism

2.3. Amino acid/ nitrogen metabolism

2.3.2. Utilization of amino acids Utilization of glutamine/ glutamate

alsTuptake of glutamine
glnHglutamine uptake
glnKregulation of the [gene|1A415DC85354373EA4866733C3AE43F510BD3C56|glsA]-[gene|E371BC4F613C40CB0E8C8CAA97387F3E6735D813|glnT] operon
glnLregulation of the glsA-glnT operon
glnMglutamine uptake
glnPglutamine uptake
glnQglutamine uptake
glnTglutamine uptake
glsAglutamine degradation
gltTglutamate and aspartate uptake
gudBglutamate utilization, control of [protein|87BCAE725B02860156D50E1783F6DB68510C811E|GltC] activity
rocGarginine utilization, controls the activity of [protein|87BCAE725B02860156D50E1783F6DB68510C811E|GltC]
ylaMglutamine degradation