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Category: Utilization of amino acids
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Category: Utilization of amino acids


2. Metabolism

2.3. Amino acid/ nitrogen metabolism

2.3.2. Utilization of amino acids Utilization of glutamine/ glutamate

glnHglutamine uptake
glnKregulation of the [gene|1A415DC85354373EA4866733C3AE43F510BD3C56|glsA]-[gene|E371BC4F613C40CB0E8C8CAA97387F3E6735D813|glnT] operon
glnLregulation of the glsA-glnT operon
glnMglutamine uptake
glnPglutamine uptake
glnQglutamine uptake
glnTglutamine uptake
glsAglutamine degradation
gltTglutamate and aspartate uptake
gudBglutamate utilization, control of [protein|87BCAE725B02860156D50E1783F6DB68510C811E|GltC] activity
ylaMglutamine degradation Utilization of proline

putBproline utilization
putCproline utilization
putPproline uptake
putRregulation of proline utilization Utilization of proline/ based on similarity

ytnAunknown Utilization of arginine/ ornithine

ahrCtranscriptional regulator of arginine metabolic genes
rocAarginine, ornithine and citrulline utilization
rocBarginine, ornithine and citrulline utilization
rocCarginine, ornithine and citrulline uptake
rocDarginine, ornithine and citrulline utilization
rocEarginine, ornithine and citrulline uptake
rocFarginine utilization
rocGarginine utilization, controls the activity of [protein|87BCAE725B02860156D50E1783F6DB68510C811E|GltC]
rocRtranscriptional activator of arginine utilization operons
sr1control of arginine metabolism and glycolysis Utilization of histidine

hutGhistidine utilization
hutHhistidine utilization
hutIhistidine utilization
hutMhistidine uptake
hutPregulation of histidine utilization
hutUhistidine utilization
ybgFunknown Utilization of asparagine/ aspartate

ansAasparagine degradation
ansBaspartate degradation
ansRnegative regulation of the [gene|FED8E46AA1C4EFD27796D5DFBBB1663EBF336BFD|ansA]-[gene|search|ansB ]operon
ansZutilization of asparagine
yveAunknown Utilization of alanine/ serine

adeRcontrol of ald expression
aldalanine utilization
sdaAAserine utilization
sdaABserine utilization
yrbDuptake of alanine Utilization of threonine/ glycine

gcvHglycine utilization
gcvPAglycine utilization
gcvPBglycine utilization
gcvTglycine utilization
kblthreonine utilization
tdhthreonine utilization Utilization of branched-chain amino acids

azlBregulation of branched-chain amino acid transport
azlCexport of branched-chain amino acids
azlDexport of branched-chain amino acids
bcaPbiosynthesis/acquisition of branched-chain amino acids
bcdutilization of branched-chain keto acids
bkdAAutilization of branched-chain keto acids
bkdAButilization of branched-chain keto acids
bkdButilization of branched-chain keto acids
bkdRregulation of branched-chain amino acid utilization,
bukutilization of branched-chain keto acids
citBTCA cycle
lpdVutilization of branched-chain keto acids
mmgAmother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
mmgBmother cell metabolism
mmgCmother cell metabolism
mmgDmother cell metabolism
mmgEmother cell metabolism
mmgFmother cell metabolism
ptbutilization of branched-chain keto acids
yngEmother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
yngFmother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
yngGmother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
yngHmother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
yngHBmother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
yngImother cell metabolism, leucine utilization
yngJmother cell metabolism, leucine utilization Utilization of gamma-amino butyric acid

gabDutilization of gamma-amino butyric acid
gabPutilization of gamma-amino butyric acid
gabRregulation of gamma-amino butyric acid utilization
gabTutilization of gamma-amino butyric acid

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