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Category: Biosynthesis/ acquisition of cysteine
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Category: Biosynthesis/ acquisition of cysteine


2. Metabolism

2.3. Amino acid/ nitrogen metabolism

2.3.1. Biosynthesis/ acquisition of amino acids Biosynthesis/ acquisition of cysteine

ascRregulation of sulphur metabolism
cysEbiosynthesis of cysteine
cysKbiosynthesis of cysteine, control of CymR activity
mccAmethionine-to-cysteine conversion
mccBmethionine-to-cysteine conversion
tcyAcystine uptake
tcyBcystine uptake
tcyCcystine uptake
tcyJcystine uptake
tcyKcystine uptake
tcyLcystine uptake
tcyMcystine uptake
tcyNcystine uptake
tcyPcystine uptake
yxeMuptake of cysteine
yxeNuptake of cysteine
yxeOuptake of cysteine