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Category: Biosynthesis/ acquisition of arginine
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Category: Biosynthesis/ acquisition of arginine


2. Metabolism

2.3. Amino acid/ nitrogen metabolism

2.3.1. Biosynthesis/ acquisition of amino acids Biosynthesis/ acquisition of arginine

ahrCtranscriptional regulator of arginine metabolic genes
argBbiosynthesis of arginine
argCbiosynthesis of arginine
argDbiosynthesis of arginine
argFbiosynthesis of arginine
argGbiosynthesis of arginine
argHbiosynthesis of arginine
argJbiosynthesis of arginine
artParginine uptake
artQarginine uptake
artRarginine uptake
carAbiosynthesis of arginine
carBbiosynthesis of arginine
rocCarginine, ornithine and citrulline uptake
rocEarginine, ornithine and citrulline uptake
sr1control of arginine metabolism and glycolysis