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Category: Utilization of starch/ maltodextrin
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Category: Utilization of starch/ maltodextrin


2. Metabolism

2.2. Carbon metabolism

2.2.2. Utilization of specific carbon sources Utilization of starch/ maltodextrin

amyEstarch degradation
amyXstarch degradation
glcKphosphorylation of the free glucose moiety resulting from cleavage of di-and oligosaccharides
maamaltose and maltodextrin utilization
malLstarch and maltodextrin utilization
mdxEmaltodextrin utilization
mdxFmaltodextrin utilization
mdxGmaltodextrin utilization
msmXuptake of maltodextrin, melibiose (probably), and galactooligosaccharides
pgcMstarch and maltodextrin utilization
yvdEprobably regulation of starch and maltodextrin utilization
yvdFstarch and maltodextrin utilization