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Category: Utilization of inositol
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Category: Utilization of inositol


2. Metabolism

2.2. Carbon metabolism

2.2.2. Utilization of specific carbon sources Utilization of inositol

iolAmyo-inositol catabolism
iolBmyo-inositol catabolism
iolCmyo-inositol catabolism
iolDmyo-inositol catabolism
iolEmyo-inositol catabolism
iolFD-chiro-inositol uptake
iolGmyo-inositol catabolism
iolHunknown, may be involved in myo-inositol catabolism
iolImyo-inositol catabolism
iolJmyo-inositol catabolism
iolQcontrol of scyllo-inositol utilization
iolRregulation of myo-inositol catabolism
iolSunknown, may be involved in myo-inositol catabolism
iolTmyo-inositol uptake
iolUutilization of scyllo-inosose
iolWutilization of scyllo-inosose
iolXutilization of scyllo-inositol
yfiGuptake of D-chiro-inositol