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Category: Utilization of organic acids
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Category: Utilization of organic acids


2. Metabolism

2.2. Carbon metabolism

2.2.2. Utilization of specific carbon sources Utilization of organic acids

acsAutilization of acetate, fatty acids
acuAcontrol of [protein|search|AcsA ]activity
acuCcontrol of [protein|6671E7D85E99D349679F0E9D825DC035D10FFD2E|AcsA] activity
cimHcitrate uptake
citHcitrate uptake
citMuptake of citrate and magnesium
citSregulation of citrate uptake
citTregulation of citrate uptake
cstAuptake of pyruvate
dctBsensing of C4-dicarboxylates
dctPuptake of succinate, fumurate, malate and oxaloacetate
dctRregulation of the [gene|9A96572B101358768EB20EE9438BE0E1424A4130|dctS]-[gene|97C34F6FA0B89D93369150E9A8AB3579332B07BC|dctR]-[gene|search|dctP ]operon
dctSregulation of the [gene|9A96572B101358768EB20EE9438BE0E1424A4130|dctS]-[gene|97C34F6FA0B89D93369150E9A8AB3579332B07BC|dctR]-[gene|107DDCC7B6AA2D7CB02E53F043A93CF05C679081|dctP] operon
lutAlactate utilization
lutBlactate utilization
lutCutilization of lactate
lutPlactate uptake
lutRcontrol of lactate utilization
maeAmalate utilization
maeNmalate uptake
malKregulation of malate uptake
malRregulation of malate uptake
malSmalate utilization
mleAmalate utilization
mleNmalate uptake
pftAuptake of pyruvate
pftBuptake of pyruvate
ybaRuptake of fumarate
yflSmalate uptake
yoaBuptake of alpha-ketoglutarate
yraOcitrate uptake
ytsJmalate utilization