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Category: TCA cycle
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Category: TCA cycle


2. Metabolism

2.2. Carbon metabolism

2.2.1. Carbon core metabolism TCA cycle

ccpCregulation of tricarboxylic acid branch of the TCA cycle
citBTCA cycle
citGTCA cycle
citZTCA cycle
icdTCA cycle
mdhTCA cycle
odhATCA cycle
odhBTCA cycle
pdhAlinks glycolysis and TCA cycle
pdhBlinks glycolysis and TCA cycle
pdhClinks glycolysis and TCA cycle
pdhDlinks glycolysis and TCA cycle, enzyme in TCA cycle
pycAreplenishment of the oxaloacetate pool
sdhATCA cycle
sdhBTCA cycle
sdhCTCA cycle
sucCTCA cycle
sucDTCA cycle