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Category: Gluconeogenesis
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Category: Gluconeogenesis


2. Metabolism

2.2. Carbon metabolism

2.2.1. Carbon core metabolism Gluconeogenesis

ccpNrepressor of genes involved in gluconeogenesis ([gene|C1B89BD3DD27CD566018558D3A7845FB451056F0|gapB], [gene|74D4616D1A550D87182FAAC2A4AF6E04F81E1572|pckA]) and of [gene|FC93BA60BD185DE5EF31D5605F0B8294EC2E8E5A|sr1]
enoenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
fbaAenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
gapBanabolic enzyme in gluconeogenesis
pckAsynthesis of phosphoenolpyruvate
pgienzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
pgkenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
pgmenzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
tpienzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
yqfLinhibits [protein|2234D81F8F9B92EAF1CF6F73BEC92D4DE54E2636|CcpN] activity