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Category: Glycolysis
An ordered knock out library of all non-essential genes in B. subtilis is now available at Addgene. Information on ordering a copy can be found here. See Koo et al. 2017 for details about library construction.

Category: Glycolysis


2. Metabolism

2.2. Carbon metabolism

2.2.1. Carbon core metabolism Glycolysis

cggRtranscriptional regulator
enoenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
fbaAenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
gapAcatabolic enzyme in glycolysis
glcTcontrol of glucose uptake
mgsAbypass of glycolysis
pfkAcatabolic enzyme in glycolysis
pgienzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
pgkenzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis
pgmenzyme in glycolysis / gluconeogenesis
ptsGglucose transport and phosphorylation, control of GlcT activity
pykcatabolic enzyme in glycolysis
tpienzyme in glycolysis/ gluconeogenesis