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Category: Zinc
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Category: Zinc


1. Cellular processes

1.3. Homeostasis

1.3.2. Trace metal homeostasis (Cu, Zn, Ni, Mn, Mo) Zinc

czcDcation efflux, resistence against Zn, Cu, Co, Ni
czrAregulation of resistance against toxic metal cations
yciCzinc uptake
zinTzinc-binding protein
znuAzinc uptake
znuBzinc uptake
znuCzinc uptake
zurregulation of zinc homeostasis([gene|75DB07A2704FEC2932BD0CDD24E2B3454E9551E1|yciC], [gene|D33A144568CAF32FFE4A2A46BE67573DB66FC1A1|znuA]-[gene|6B5D4FD32CCE72C99B915B0F1EB4B8E8D42A04B3|znuC]-[gene|EE212953BC83BD6D69BF769D6E917F4F954BE1E2|znuB])