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Category: Metal ion homeostasis (K, Na, Ca, Mg)
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Category: Metal ion homeostasis (K, Na, Ca, Mg)


1. Cellular processes

1.3. Homeostasis

1.3.1. Metal ion homeostasis (K, Na, Ca, Mg) Magnesium uptake/ efflux

citMuptake of citrate and magnesium
mgtEmagnesium uptake
yfjQmagnesium uptake
yhdPexport of magnesium Sodium uptake/ export

mrpAsodium export
mrpBsodium export
mrpCsodium export
mrpDsodium export
mrpEsodium export
mrpFsodium export
mrpGsodium export
natAsodium export
natBsodium export
natRregulation of the [gene|B019FD0CB6F76C03DA5E76ABD1B324BA5E1A6936|natA]-[gene|search|natB ]operon
nhaCpH homeostasis
nhaKmonovalent cation export Potassium uptake/ export

cpaAexport of potassium ions
khtScontrol of potassium ion efflux
khtTpotassium ion efflux
khtUpotassium ion efflux
kimApotassium uptake
ktrApotassium uptake
ktrBpotassium uptake
ktrCpotassium uptake
ktrDpotassium uptake
yugOpotassium exporter Metal ion homeostasis/ Other

chaAcalcium export
yetJexport of calcium, homeostasis
yloBaccumulation of calcium in the spore

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