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Category: Metal ion transporter
An ordered knock out library of all non-essential genes in B. subtilis is now available at Addgene. Information on ordering a copy can be found here. See Koo et al. 2017 for details about library construction.

Category: Metal ion transporter


1. Cellular processes

1.2. Transporters

1.2.4. Transporters/ other Metal ion transporter

arsBdetoxification of arsenate and arsenite
aseAresistance to arsenite
cadAcadmium export
chaAcalcium export
copAcopper export, detoxification
copZresistance to copper
czcDcation efflux, resistence against Zn, Cu, Co, Ni
efeOelemental iron uptake
efeUelemental iron uptake
khtTpotassium ion efflux
khtUpotassium ion efflux
kimApotassium uptake
ktrApotassium uptake
ktrBpotassium uptake
ktrCpotassium uptake
ktrDpotassium uptake
mgtEmagnesium uptake
mntHmanganese uptake
mrpAsodium export
mrpBsodium export
mrpCsodium export
mrpDsodium export
mrpEsodium export
mrpFsodium export
mrpGsodium export
nhaKmonovalent cation export
pfeTprotection against toxic iron
yciBzinc uptake
ycnJuptake of copper