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Category: Other exporters
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Category: Other exporters


1. Cellular processes

1.2. Transporters

1.2.4. Transporters/ other Other exporters

bltspermidine export
bmrmultidrug resistance
epsKexport of extracellular poly-N-acetylglucosamine
fluCexport of flouride
mdrdrug resistance
narKnitrate respiration, nitrite export
ycnBsecretion of cyclic di-AMP
yeaBMn(II) export
yhcAsecretion of cyclic di-AMP
yhdVexport of flouride
ykkCexport/ detoxification of guanidine
ykkDexport/ detoxification of guanidine
ywrAchromate detoxification
ywrBchromate detoxification