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Category: Uptake of carbon sources
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Category: Uptake of carbon sources


1. Cellular processes

1.2. Transporters

1.2.1. ABC transporters Importers Uptake of carbon sources

araNuptake of ╬▒-1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
araPuptake of -1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
araQuptake of -1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
frlMuptake of sugar amines
frlNuptake of sugar amines
frlOuptake of sugar amines
ganPuptake of galactotriose
ganSuptake of galactotriose
mdxEmaltodextrin utilization
mdxFmaltodextrin utilization
mdxGmaltodextrin utilization
melCuptake of melibiose and raffinose
melDuptake of melibiose and raffinose
melEuptake of melibiose and raffinose
msmXuptake of maltodextrin, melibiose (probably), and galactooligosaccharides
nupOuptake of guanosine
nupPuptake of guanosine
nupQuptake of guanosine
rbsAribose uptake
rbsBribose uptake
rbsCribose uptake
rbsDribose uptake
rhiFuptake of rhamnose oligosaccharides
rhiGuptake of rhamnose oligosaccharides
rhiLuptake of rhamnose oligosaccharides
ytcPuptake of polygalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan
ytcQuptake of polygalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan
ytePuptake of polygalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan
yurJuptake of sugar amines