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Category: Importers
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Category: Importers


1. Cellular processes

1.2. Transporters

1.2.1. ABC transporters Importers Uptake of carbon sources

araNuptake of ╬▒-1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
araPuptake of -1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
araQuptake of -1,5-arabinooligosaccharides
frlMuptake of sugar amines
frlNuptake of sugar amines
frlOuptake of sugar amines
ganPuptake of galactotriose
ganSuptake of galactotriose
mdxEmaltodextrin utilization
mdxFmaltodextrin utilization
mdxGmaltodextrin utilization
melCuptake of melibiose and raffinose
melDuptake of melibiose and raffinose
melEuptake of melibiose and raffinose
msmXuptake of maltodextrin, melibiose (probably), and galactooligosaccharides
nupNuptake of guanosine
nupOuptake of guanosine
nupPuptake of guanosine
nupQuptake of guanosine
rbsAribose uptake
rbsBribose uptake
rbsCribose uptake
rbsDribose uptake
rhiFuptake of rhamnose oligosaccharides
rhiGuptake of rhamnose oligosaccharides
rhiLuptake of rhamnose oligosaccharides
ytcPuptake of polygalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan
ytcQuptake of polygalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan
ytePuptake of polygalacturonan and rhamnogalacturonan
yurJuptake of sugar amines Uptake of amino acids

artParginine uptake
artQarginine uptake
artRarginine uptake
glnHglutamine uptake
glnMglutamine uptake
glnPglutamine uptake
glnQglutamine uptake
metNmethionine uptake
metPmethionine uptake
metQmethionine uptake
tcyAcystine uptake
tcyBcystine and diaminopimelate uptake
tcyCcystine and diaminopimelate uptake
tcyJcystine uptake
tcyKcystine uptake
tcyLcystine uptake
tcyMcystine uptake
tcyNcystine uptake
yxeMuptake and utilization of S-(2-succino)cysteine
yxeNuptake and utilization of S-(2-succino)cysteine
yxeOuptake and utilization of S-(2-succino)cysteine Uptake of peptides

appBuptake of oligopeptides
appCuptake of oligopeptides
appDuptake of oligopeptides
appFuptake of oligopeptides
dppBuptake of dipeptides
dppCuptake of dipeptides
dppDuptake of dipeptides
dppEuptake of dipeptides
oppAinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppBinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppCinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppDinitiation of [SW|sporulation], competence development
oppFinitiation of sporulation, competence development
ykfDunknown Uptake of compatible solutes for osmoprotection

opuAAcompatible solute transport
opuABcompatible solute transport
opuACcompatible solute transport
opuBAcompatible solute transport
opuBBcompatible solute transport
opuBCcompatible solute transport
opuCAcompatible solute transport
opuCBcompatible solute transport
opuCCcompatible solute transport
opuCDcompatible solute transport Uptake of iron/ siderophores

fecCiron uptake
fecD[SW|acquisition of iron]
fecEiron uptake
fecFiron uptake
feuA[SW|acquisition of iron]
feuB[SW|acquisition of iron]
feuC[SW|acquisition of iron]
fhuBsiderophore uptake
fhuCsiderophore uptake
fhuDsiderophore uptake
fhuGsiderophore uptake
fpbNacquisition of iron
fpbOacquisition of iron
fpbPacquisition of iron
fpbQ[SW|acquisition of iron]
yfhA[SW|acquisition of iron]
yfiY[SW|acquisition of iron]
yfiZ[SW|acquisition of iron]
yhfQiron uptake
yusVacquisition of iron
yxeBsiderophore uptake Uptake of ions

mntAmanganese uptake
mntBmanganese uptake
mntCmanganese uptake
mntDmanganese uptake
pstAhigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstBAhigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstBBhigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstChigh-affinity phosphate uptake
pstShigh-affinity phosphate uptake
ssuAsulfonate uptake
ssuBsulfonate uptake
ssuCsulfonate uptake
znuAzinc uptake
znuBzinc uptake
znuCzinc uptake Uptake of cofactors

yvrAuptake of cobalamin
yvrBuptake of cobalamin
yvrCuptake of cobalamin