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Category: Other genes
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Category: Other genes


1. Cellular processes

1.1. Cell envelope and cell division

1.1.8. Cell division Other genes

ddcAcontrol of [protein|7BF591DCDC9635C605D76135481A8A9DB63EE861|YneA] activity
disAcontrol of [SW|sporulation] initiation
divIBseptum formation
divICseptum formation
divIVAdivision site selection, chromosome segregation and control of peptidoglycan homeostasis
dynAfusion of membranes
ezrAcontrol of [protein|search|FtsZ ]ring formation
ftsAformation of Z-ring
ftsHcell division, sporulation initiation
ftsLseptum formation
ftsWcell division
ftsZformation of Z-ring
gpsB[SW|cell division], cell elongation, spatiotemporal control of penicillin‐binding protein activity
mciZinhibits GTPase activity of [protein|41872E2EF00C79918DD077F2EF78F37E24FEB110|FtsZ] and Z ring formation during sporulation
noccontrol of [SW|cell division]
pbpBseptation, [SW|cell division]
plsXbiosynthesis of phospholipids
rasPcontrol of [SW|cell division], and [protein|D04629D798E458AD538809BB2B150B7FA81D2C7E|SigV] and [protein|3D974DD2967C7F8FD4E3C2AF42617B8AE9F0296D|SigW] activity
refZrelocalization of the [protein|search|FtsZ ]ring, placement of the sporulation septum
sepFrecruitment of [protein|41872E2EF00C79918DD077F2EF78F37E24FEB110|FtsZ]
sftAresolution of chromosome dimers
spoVGcell division, control of sporulation initiation
ugtPsynthesis of glucolipids and anchoring of lipoteichoic acid, inhibition of [protein|41872E2EF00C79918DD077F2EF78F37E24FEB110|FtsZ] assembly
walJcoordination of cell division with DNA replication
whiAcontrol of Z ring asembly and chromosome segregation
yisKcontrol of [SW|cell division]
yneAinhibits cell division during SOS response
yodLcontrol of [SW|cell division]
zapAcontrol of Z-ring formation