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Category: Cell division
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Category: Cell division


1. Cellular processes

1.1. Cell envelope and cell division

1.1.8. Cell division The Min system

divIVAdivision site selection, chromosome segregation and control of peptidoglycan homeostasis
minCseptum placement
minDseptum placement
minJ[SW|cell division] site selection Other genes

ddcAcontrol of [protein|7BF591DCDC9635C605D76135481A8A9DB63EE861|YneA] activity
disAcontrol of [SW|sporulation] initiation
divIBseptum formation
divICseptum formation
divIVAdivision site selection, chromosome segregation and control of peptidoglycan homeostasis
dynAfusion of membranes
ezrAcontrol of [protein|search|FtsZ ]ring formation
ftsAformation of Z-ring
ftsHcell division, sporulation initiation
ftsLseptum formation
ftsWcell division
ftsZformation of Z-ring
gpsB[SW|cell division], cell elongation, spatiotemporal control of penicillin‐binding protein activity
mciZinhibits GTPase activity of [protein|41872E2EF00C79918DD077F2EF78F37E24FEB110|FtsZ] and Z ring formation during sporulation
noccontrol of [SW|cell division]
pbpBseptation, [SW|cell division]
plsXbiosynthesis of phospholipids
rasPcontrol of [SW|cell division], and [protein|D04629D798E458AD538809BB2B150B7FA81D2C7E|SigV] and [protein|3D974DD2967C7F8FD4E3C2AF42617B8AE9F0296D|SigW] activity
refZrelocalization of the [protein|search|FtsZ ]ring, placement of the sporulation septum
sepFrecruitment of [protein|41872E2EF00C79918DD077F2EF78F37E24FEB110|FtsZ]
sftAresolution of chromosome dimers
spoVGcell division, control of sporulation initiation
ugtPsynthesis of glucolipids and anchoring of lipoteichoic acid, inhibition of [protein|41872E2EF00C79918DD077F2EF78F37E24FEB110|FtsZ] assembly
walJcoordination of cell division with DNA replication
whiAcontrol of Z ring asembly and chromosome segregation
yisKcontrol of [SW|cell division]
yneAinhibits cell division during SOS response
yodLcontrol of [SW|cell division]
zapAcontrol of Z-ring formation

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