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Category: Cell wall synthesis
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Category: Cell wall synthesis


1. Cellular processes

1.1. Cell envelope and cell division

1.1.1. Cell wall synthesis Biosynthesis of peptidoglycan

alrpeptidoglycan biosynthesis
amjexport of lipid II
asdbiosynthesis of threonine, lysine, dipicolic acid, peptidoglycan
dapAbiosynthesis of lysine and peptidoglycan
dapBbiosynthesis of lysine and peptidoglycan
dapFbiosynthesis of lysine and peptidoglycan
dapGbiosynthesis of lysine and peptidoglycan
datpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
ddlpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
gcaDcell wall metabolism
glmMcell wall synthesis
glmScell wall synthesis
ldcBcell wall synthesis
ldtcell wall biosynthesis
mraYpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murAApeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murABpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murBpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murCpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murDpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murEpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murFpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murGpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
murJexport of lipid II
patAbiosynthesis of lysine and peptidoglycan
racEpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis
spoVBspore cortex peptidoglycan synthesis
spoVEspore cortex peptidoglycan synthesis
walJcoordination of cell division with DNA replication
yabMalternate pathway for peptidoglycan strand synthesis
ykuQbiosynthesis of lysine and peptidoglycan
ykuRbiosynthesis of lysine and peptidoglycan
ylmDquality control to maintain composition and integrity of peptidoglycan
yrpCpeptidoglycan precursor biosynthesis

important publications

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  • Autolytic activity required for peptidoglycan synthesis (cell elongation)

    cwlOcell wall synthesis, cell elongation
    ftsEcontrol of [SW|cell wall synthesis]
    ftsXcontrol of cell wall synthesis
    lytEmajor autolysin, cell elongation and separation Biosynthesis of lipoteichoic acid

    csbBlipoteichoic acid glycosylation , survival of stress conditions
    dgkAcell wall biosynthesis
    dgkBbiosynthesis of lipoteichoic acid
    ltaSbiosynthesis of lipoteichoic acid
    yfhOlipoteichoic acid glycosylation
    yfnIbiosynthesis of lipoteichoic acid
    yqgSbiosynthesis of lipoteichoic acid
    yvgJbiosynthesis of lipoteichoic acid Biosynthesis of teichoic acid

    dltAbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    dltBbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    dltCbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    dltDbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    dltEbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    ggaAbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    ggaBbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    gtaBbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    gtcAbiosynthesis of teichoic acids
    mnaAbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    pgcAinterconversion of glucose 6-phosphate and alpha-glucose 1-phosphate
    tagAbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    tagBbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    tagCbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    tagDbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    tagEbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    tagFbiosynthesis of teichoic acid
    tagG[category|SW|Biosynthesis of teichoic acid]
    tagH[category|SW|Biosynthesis of teichoic acid]
    tagObiosynthesis of teichoic acid Biosynthesis of teichuronic acid

    tuaA/1biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaA/2biosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaBbiosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaCbiosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaDbiosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaEbiosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaFbiosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaGbiosynthesis of teichuronic acid
    tuaHbiosynthesis of teichuronic acid Export of anionic polymers and attachment to peptidoglycan

    tagG[category|SW|Biosynthesis of teichoic acid]
    tagH[category|SW|Biosynthesis of teichoic acid]
    tagTtransfer of anionic cell wall polymers from lipid-linked precursors to peptidoglycan
    tagUtransfer of anionic cell wall polymers from lipid-linked precursors to peptidoglycan
    tagVtransfer of anionic cell wall polymers from lipid-linked precursors to peptidoglycan Penicillin-binding proteins

    pbpAformation of a rod-shaped peptidoglycan cell wall, spore outgrowth
    pbpBseptation, [SW|cell division]
    pbpDbifunctional glucosyltransferase/ transpeptidase
    pbpFbifunctional glucosyltransferase/ transpeptidase
    pbpGbifunctional glucosyltransferase/ transpeptidase
    pbpHformation of a rod-shaped peptidoglycan cell wall
    ponAbifunctional glucosyltransferase/ transpeptidase
    spoVDspore morphogenesis

    important publications

  • 29456081
  • Biosynthesis of the carrier lipid undecaprenylphosphate

    bcrCcell wall synthesis, resistance to bacitracin and oxidative stress
    uppScell wall biosynthesis

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