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    ''Bacillus subtilis''Bacillus subtilis

    If you have any further ideas what we could use, please contact us.

    How to redirect from SubtiWiki 1.0 to 2.0?

    add the line to the gene page {{#bank: gene_name}}

    Which organism are we talking about?

    The database contains information on the gram positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis.

    Where do I find information on the users, plasmids, strains etc?

    This information is stored in SubtiWiki.

    I am not able to find my gene, what can I do?

    Try to use the BSU number or a synonym or maybe your gene is not annotated yet.

    How can I edit something on my favourite gene site?

    On your corresponding gene site you can unlock the site by logging in? Right upper corner, click the lock!

    What is new in SubtiBank?

    Before this application the whole structure was a mess and editing actions has to be done several times to add the right. Additionally, the newly created data structure allows further big data analyses like overlapping information on interactions with expression patterns. The administration of each site is centralized which makes it much easier to keep the sites and the information up to date by preventing manually executed errors

    How can I contribute?

    If you are registered in SubtiWiki, you can log in and start adding information to the topics.

    I cannot login, what can I do?

    Contact one of the SubtiTeam and if it is urgent directly contact Prof. Jörg Stülke

    I cannot edit the interactions?

    This area is reserved for the admins of the database, if you have an interesting interaction detected you can contact Prof. Jörg Stülke to add this information.